White Wiping Rags

White wiping rags are packaged in polybags, compressed box or handpacked boxes.

Title Item No Image Description
Reclaimed White Knit X-WHK White Knit

Cut white t-shirts and polo shirts. All cotton and cotton-blended knit. Widely used in the painting trades.

Shipyard White X-SWS Shipyard White

Could include a mixture of cut materials including #1 and #2 white, thermal, fleece and linens.

Turkish Terry White Towels X-TWW Turkish Terry White

Cut white terry cloth, Turkish towels, bath robes, and hemmed towels.

Turkish Towel White Hemmed X-TWH Turkish Towel White Hemmed

All cotton terry hemmed towel.

White Flannel X-WFL White Flannel

Cut from mill ends and blankets. All cotton and cotton-blended.