Oil Only Sorbents

Oil Only sorbents repel water and absorb oils and other hydrocarbons. Listed below are the products under this category. To learn more about the individual product, click on the image or the product name.

Title Item No Image Description
Oil Only MultiLaminate Medium Weight Roll S-OIL-ROL-SMS-07 S-OIL-ROL-SMS-07

MultiLaminate Mat Roll is long-lasting and durable for rugged applications. Outer layers of tough-skinned, HeavyWeight SpunBond material resist abrasions and tears — can withstand rough handling and won't tear apart when pulled or positioned under equipment. It's ideal as a liner for oily parts and tools or for use in rugged applications near machinery. Medium weight roll absorbs about 41.4 gal. per package. Measures 30 inches x 150 feet.

Oil Only Socks S-OIL-SOC-48 Oil Only Socks

Oil only socks absorb oils, repel water. For oil only cleanup, choose these socks. By selectively absorbing oil and not water, these 100% polypropylene filled socks absorb more oil and can be left on the job longer. Measures 3 inches diameter x 48 inches length.

Oil Only Truck Spill Kit S-OIL-SPK-TRUCK Oil Only Truck Spill Kit

This handy kit features a compact design that easily fits behind the  seat of a truck for quick response. Ideal for smaller types of spills that truckers encounter.

Kit Contents:

  • 20 pcs 15" x 19" pads
  • 3 pcs   3" x 4 ft socks
  • 1 pc yellow disposal bag and tie
  • 1 pair Nitrile gloves
  • 1 pair safety googles


Oil Ony Medium Weight Sorbent Roll S-OIL-ROL-07 Oil Only Medium Weight Roll

MeltBlown Mat Roll with HighLoft Technology quickly absorbs oil for economical, effective cleanup of petroleum-based spills on land or water. MeltBlown polypropylene fibers are left in their natural hydrophobic state. These hydrophobic fibers repel water (and float) while only absorbing oils and other hydrocarbons.Medium weight roll absorbs about 41.2 gal. per package. Measures 30 inches x 150 feet.

Sock & Net Oil Boom 5" x 10' S-OIL-BOM-5-10 Oil Only Booms

Primarily used to absorb, or skim, oil spills from all terrain and bodies of water. Strong mesh outer sleeve encases a poly sock skin filled with highly-sorbent polypropylene. A nylon rope and sturdy handware ensure long lasting durability and easy retrieval. Sock/Net booms can be linked together to contain any spill on water. Oil only absorbs the oil but won't become weighed down with water. Measures 5 inches diameter by 10 feet.