Hand Wipes

Disposable hand wipes.

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Fresh Start Hand Wipes X-FRS-ROLL Fresh Start Hand Wipes

Use Fresh Start Equipment Wipes to quickly and effectively clean and disinfect hard non-porous surfaces. Fresh Start Equipment Wipes will kill most viruses and bacteria including HIV-1, MRSA, Norovirus and Influenza A viruses. Best of all they are alcohol and bleach free. Each pre-moistened Equipment Wipe will consistently deliver the proper amount of solution without the hassle of mixing, measuring and testing.Excellent for use in hospitals and healthcare settings, schools, daycare settings, gym and shopping areas. Also use for gym wipes, gym wipe refill, gym equipment wipes, equipment wipes, fitness wipes, club wipes, gym cleaning & gym disinfecting.Hand sanitizer without alcohol or bleach.

Refills sold as set of 2 rolls. Each Roll contains 700 disinfectant wipe. Each disinfectant wipe measures 7" x 7".

Orange Peel X-ORG Orange Peel

Orange Peel multi-purpose wipes are pre-moistened with a powerful orange oil formula that will quickly clean metals, laminates, fiberglass, machinery, concrete and tools. The unique formula will cut through grease, oil, paint, sealants, tar, wax and most graffiti. Orange Peels multi-purpose wipes formula also contains lanolin and vitamin-E so they are safe on skin. Scrub clean with the orange side of the wiper then use the white side for a final wipe. 70 orange peel wipers in every can. 6 cans to a case.